Less stress

Many pets, especially cats, get very stressed out when visiting the vet. Waiting in the waiting room is stressful to them, and often the trip in the car is the beginning of a nightmare experience for them. These negative feelings tend to increase with every subsequent vet visit.

Having the vet come to you reduces this stress, as your pet can remain in its familiar environment.


Smaller chance of infection

The waiting room at the vet is full of sick animals who may have contagious diseases. If the vet comes to you, your pets’ exposure to these pathogens is reduced.



What is more convenient than waiting in your very own living room while the vet examines your pet? You also save time and potentially money by not having to travel to the vet.


Personal attention

By being able to invest more time in the appointment, we get to know your pet much better and are able to make them feel much more at ease.
We also have much more time to answer all your questions about your pet.


More efficient recovering

The best place for your sick pet to recover is in a place where he or she feels safe and calm. Remaining at home –if medically possible- has a very positive influence on the recovery.