The veterinarian

About me

Hello, my name is Stefan Roncal. I graduated as a veterinarian in Zaragoza, Spain in 2002. Soon after I moved to the Netherlands where I worked with orthopedic surgeon Hans van Herpen at Veterinaire Specialistenkliniek Oisterwijk for 1.5 years.

After that, in September 2004, I started an internship at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Utrecht. There I gained experience and knowledge regarding several specialicisms. During those months I had the opportunity to further develop myself as a capable veterinarian of small animals.

I also have experience in research and teaching. In 2008 I attained my PhD at the University of Zaragoza with a dissertation on the biomechanical and anatomical aspects of the elbow joint of the dog.

From 2006 until 2014 I have been working at Dierenkliniek Statenlaan. There I have worked as an allround veterinarian, but mainly focused on surgery.

And since 2015 I started with Vet@Home.

Stefan V&H


My vision

Some time ago I decided I wanted a change in the way that I was practicing veterinary medicine. In the veterinary clinic, I saw many patients per day but I missed to the opportunity to spend more time with them to help. It’s was frustating to see all those animals getting very stressed and not being able to explain to them that it was for their own good.

I wanted my patients and their owners feel much more at ease. It is never pleasant to be examined, especially if one does not feel good. But by doing it in familiar surroundings, I could spare them a lot of stress.

Customers often told me that they too felt nervous very often and they didn’t have time or didn’t dare to ask more questions. By coming to their home, this barrier is broken and both parties feel much relaxed and the relationship between vet-pet-owner is much better.